We’re Building the Control Room of the Future

CruxOCM was founded by heavy industry experts on a mission to revolutionize control rooms. Our solutions are based on a deep understanding of the challenges control room operators face every day. We know which parts of the job are labour-intensive, prone to error, and subject to changing conditions, and we see ways they can be improved upon, while always remaining grounded in safety standards. Join us on our mission to set the gold standard of what will guide the automated control room of the future.

How CruxOCM Works for You

We understand the nature of operations makes interruptions out of the question. We’ve worked hard to create game-changing solutions that benefit all aspects of your operation by simplifying, not adding complexity.

Reduce Control Room Operator Burden

We fully automate control room operator actions from executions of procedures to checklists and rules of thumb, ensuring a more effective workflow and standardization of actions to lessen operator workload. This 99% reduction in commands frees operators up to focus on higher-level tasks.

Enable Safer, More Efficient Operations

By automating operator tasks we’re able to ensure safer operations through consistent execution. By codifying best practices, CruxOCM also enhances operational efficiency and increases system utilization and output to maximize ROI as well as reduce emissions from energy consumption.

Enhance Asset Integrity

Through Robotic Industrial Process Automation, CruxOCM is able to prolong the usable lifespan of large industrial assets and reduce maintenance costs by decreasing instances of volatility and variability that can stress assets. These asset preservation measures also mean a decrease in environmental impact.

The CruxOCM Difference



CruxOCM has built a scalable software solution. Our pioneering commercial model enables your business to continually grow and improve as our software improves, resulting in the highest degree of performance from your assets.

Ready to Implement

Ready to Implement

Having created a configurable “off the shelf” solution, CruxOCM’s software is repeatable and maintainable; gone are the days of custom consultancy projects that are difficult and costly to keep alive.

Built For You

Built For You

CruxOCM’s software modules combine asset-specific equipment with fit-for-purpose tools such as physics-based dynamic modeling, advanced control system solutions, AI, and ML to create custom, best-in-class automation and optimization technologies.

Our Solutions



Robotic Industrial Process Automation, or RIPA for short, is the foundational technology on which CruxOCM automation is built.



gatherBOT™ is purpose-built for the automation of control room operations in oil and natural gas transportation and storage, which creates efficiencies that were previously unheard of.



pipeBOT™ presents a revolution in control room operations for oil and natural gas transmission, finding ways to maximize ROI through automation, without ever sacrificing safety.

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