The intelligent way to control pipelines

pipeBOT™ is a game changer for oil and gas transmission pipelines, enabling control room operators to maximize pipeline flowrate and economically manage batch handling, all while ensuring pipeline integrity which reduces maintenance costs over time. Through Robotic Industrial Process Automation (RIPA), CruxOCM has created a system to boost profits without sacrificing safety.

The Next Evolution in Control Room Automation

Pipeline System operation has long relied on PLCs and SCADA for operations. At CruxOCM, we’ve reimagined what PLCs and SCADA are capable of, bundling functionalities of multiple controllers to create fully automated procedures, checklists and rules of thumb. You may think you’ve reached the peak of what automation can do for your operations, but the reality is most industries are still just scratching the surface. CruxOCM is the engine that will drive the control rooms of the future.

Reduce Startup & Shutdown Times By Up to 40%

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pipeBOT™’s job is to streamline how control room operators interact with key pipeline functions; and this includes getting the pipeline flowing, changing delivery locations, managing batch transitions, and shut off as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible to maintain leak detection integrity. By reducing the commands it takes to start, stop, and change oil and gas flow, pipeBOT™ helps maximize the time the pipeline spends at maximum flowrate, ensuring max profits for pipeline companies. Could your company use up to an extra 4% volumetric throughput on your pipelines?

Reduce Control Room Operator Commands By Up to 99%


By instituting autonomous control room operations, CR technicians can perform their core functions managing pipeline activity with the push of a button. pipeBOT™ can reduce manual commands operators need to perform by as much as 99%, which does a whole lot to avoid worker fatigue, and creates extra time to execute essential high-level functions like coordinating maintenance in the field.


Automate Swing Operations, Batch Handling & DRA Injections

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Automation through pipeBOT™ means taking full control of complicated functions as well. Control room operators are able to set and monitor typically difficult-to-manage tasks like swings, batch transition handling along pump stations, and injecting drag reducing agents at key locations along the pipeline transmission line. Handling the execution of these operations can mean hours of labor off of an operator’s plate not only means a more efficient and accurate pipeline operation, but reduced fatigue and capacity for human error in costly, mission critical processes.


pipeBOT™in Practice

At CruxOCM, we’re on a quest to build the control rooms of the future; this means making life easier for control room operators, technicians, and engineers. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t designed to maximize ROI. Let’s take a look at what pipeBOT™ can do for your bottom line.


The ROI of Reduced Flowrate Drift & Autonomous Batch Handling

By instituting pipeBOT™ automation, control room operators are able to maximize flowrate, with the pipeline running as close to optimal flowrate—the hydraulic maximum—for as long as possible with minimal variance. Reducing flowrate drift by up to 97% equals maximal revenue for pipelines while simultaneously cutting down on the wear-and-tear of inconsistent flow that can lead to higher maintenance costs over time. The ROI of minimizing drift can be substantial.

Looking at projected averages in throughput lost, batch transitions, tolls, and quantity of pump stations, the ROI potential when pipeBOT™ is deployed to reduce drift and automate batch handling can mean millions of dollars each year, even by conservative


The ROI of Reduced Pressure Cycling & Increased Rateability

Without automation, a certain amount of variance in start-up times, shutdown times, and swing procedures is to be expected. Often, these variances are due to differences in operator experience level and workload. They're also detrimental to pipeline integrity over time. By instituting pipeBOT™ automation, you'll see a significant reduction in pressure cycling, and an increase in rateability which means more consistent and accurate transportation of products through your pipeline network. The additional revenue your existing systems could produce simply by being 1-5% more accurate in the amount of products they could transport can be make or break for your bottom line.


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