We Take ESG Seriously

At CruxOCM, we recognize the importance of embedding environmental, social, and governance practices into everything that we do. We know that building the control room of the future means working with our clients and supporting them on their journey as they adopt and report ESG metrics. The technologies our partners invest in today—which are the technologies CruxOCM is at the forefront of developing—will have lasting impact on the future of our planet and the communities we serve.

We Are Making An Impact

CruxOCM can play a vital role in assisting our clients reach their ESG goals. Through our automation solutions, we can reduce an operation’s overall environmental footprint, lower the risk of spill or other potential hazard, and make your energy consumption more efficient. Here’s how we demonstrate our commitment to ESG.

By standardizing and automating control room operator actions, CruxOCM RIPA technology ensures operations in the control room are executed as efficiently as possible. Our solutions reduce the potential for spills and leaks, maximizes the utilization and longevity of heavy assets, and ultimately reduces your GHG emissions.

When CruxOCM’s suite of solutions are used to increase the utilization of existing industrial assets, there is a decrease in the amount of infrastructure needed and an overall reduction in your corporate environmental footprint.

Our family of software solutions each have reporting capabilities. These embedded features provide our clients with accessible metrics that can be used for regulatory reporting and quantifying the impact the CruxOCM solutions have towards our clients’ ESG goals.

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