At the Heart of the Control Room of the Future

CruxOCM works with the human in the control room, finding efficiency and safety through automation that will revolutionize heavy industry control room operations.


What is CruxOCM?

Just as planes have autopilot to assist—but not replace—pilots, CruxOCM enables the autonomous control rooms of tomorrow, working alongside control room operators within the safety constraints of today. Our revolutionary technology leverages machine learning and advanced physics-based methodologies to uncover unforeseen efficiencies in heavy industrial control rooms such as energy, utilities, renewables and beyond to maximize ROI, without ever compromising safety.

Benefits of an Automated Control Room

When automation is integrated into a control room, the possibilities are endless. Control room operators are able to find efficiencies that impact every aspect of industrial operation, and free themselves to focus on more high-level tasks. These efficiencies not only deliver on ROI, but create safer, more sustainable processes.



Expand throughput production capacity up to 10%


By automating control room operator actions.



Reduce power utilization up to 10%, reducing power costs


Using real time power optimization control in the control room.



Improve safety performance and business continuity


Automation increased consistency and reliability of operation.

The RIPA Revolution

At the root of CruxOCM’s technology is Robotic Industrial Process Automation, or RIPA for short. RIPA distills the thousands of manual commands performed by control room operators every day into simple actions. Through algorithms and machine learning, RIPA enables end-to-end automation for control room operators to run multiple independent subsystems with the push of a button. The result is a safer, more efficient control room that puts operators first.


CruxOCM is proven, scalable, off-the-shelf software to fully automate the execution of procedures , checklists, and rules of thumb for control room operators.

Terrance Kutryk
Former CEO of Alliance Pipeline

This is really the next step on the way to fully autonomous operations.

Tom Even Mortensen
Former CEO of SPT Group – the maker of OLGA Multi-Phase flow simulation software; now a Schlumberger product


Our Commitment to ESG

At CruxOCM, we understand the impact of integrating environmental, social, and governance practices into everything that we do. When building the control room of the future, it’s essential to recognize how heavy industry impacts the world around us, and the communities we serve. Our impact means working with our clients and supporting them on their journey as they adopt and report ESG metrics.

What Makes Us Different

At CruxOCM we know what it takes to build better control rooms, because we’ve seen first hand the pain points that control room operators face every day. Led by control room expert and CEO/co-founder Vicki Knott and process control expert and CTO/co-founder Roger Shirt, we’re pioneers of automation tools that combine traditional process control methods and physics-based methodologies with the transformative benefits of machine learning that enhance every aspect of control room operations.

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